Nio Ono is a graphic designer and developer based in New York City. Through their work in visual identity, graphic systems, and computational design, they seek to find expression in the gaps of our technologic context and explore themes of reductivism, dualism, and virtuality.

Both through their own studio and as an individual practitioner, Nio has worked with major tech companies, startups, cultural projects, and various other initiatives to create conceptually rooted, computationally enabled graphic systems that prioritize the needs—and celebrate the uniqueness—of our digital world. In these roles, they have led production designers and has collaborated with illustrators, engineers, product designers, animators, and other visual designers to bring these projects to life. Their contributions to these projects have emphasized systems thinking, research, project planning, prototyping, traditional graphic design, and written design guidelines.

They hold a BFA in Communication Design from the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University.