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    Google, Inc.


As a member of the Material Design team at Google, I helped to write design guidelines, prototype new interactions, and expand the Google’s design system to support greater brand expression, all with an emphasis on parametric visual systems, interactive prototyping, and gestural interaction.


Launched in 2014, Material Design set forth visual standards for Google’s products, as well as third-party products on platforms like Chrome and Android. While this brought a more uniform and considered experience to Google’s products and platforms, third parties found it challenging to express their visual identity through Material and adapt it to their particular needs.

To address this, Material Theming enables powerful brand expression through adaptable subsystems for elements like typography, color, and motion, as well as new systems like shape. As part of multidisciplinary team of designers, I helped craft these parametric systems and identify how they might flex to express identity. Complex intersections of styles from across systems form expressive components and patterns.


We created a series of imaginary brands and products called Material Studies that illustrate the system’s usage and ensure it covers diverse visual styles. Tools like the Material Theme Generator that allow designers to create branded design systems and see changes instantly.


In addition to the work on branded UI, I wrote design guidelines and guided motion and interaction design for gestures, both as an overarching system and for specific usecases, as well as for other work including states, navigation, and various interface components.