I collaborated with fellow communication designers Zach Bergeron and Sam Murray to develop a visual identity for a showcase of the work of the Carnegie Mellon School of Design Class of 2015, hosted at the Miller Gallery in December 2014. In addition to the identity system, we produced a series of posters and digital imagery to promote the event, as well the signage and print pieces used in the space itself.

An excerpt from the statement accompanying the introduction of the identity:

Our show, Deliverables, will represent our class as the individualists and free-thinkers that we are. The show’s title acknowledges the constraints of our discipline but visually challenges that notion. The collateral takes what the public expects and transforms it. It alters visual design tropes to incite curiosity and dialogue about what design can be. We proudly highlight our work and we acknowledge how we’ve grown. We use what we’ve learned about form, material and composition in our curriculum to construct a functional, conceptual, communicative, expressive, and most of all, thoughtful public image for our show.


We sought to capture the irreverence and individualism of the Class of 2015 through a conscious perversion of graphic design tropes—visual minimalism, grotesk typefaces, grid systems—and the student work itself, producing an illegible and emotive scramble of letterforms and pieces from the show.

Deliverables wordmark



Deliverables brochure


Deliverables Facebook event page


We extended system into the space itself with variety of signage and some very large vinyl graphics. The show itself reflected the identity through a focus on the pieces themselves—as opposed to the classes in which they were produced—and the eclecticism of layout.