Miscellaneous smaller or one-off projects.


Nonsense was a transient virtual reality imprint created to be a home for a collection of virtual reality projects by a small team. We created a simple, generative identity for them that reflects the informality, haste, and whimsy that defined the project.

The mark is a 3D object generated in real time when the user accesses the page comprised of randomly selected open source 3D models scavenged from online repositories.

Continuing the theme of contradiction, type is rendered in distorted (“non-”) Times New Roman (“-sense”). This represents an arbitrary but subtle perversion of the sensible. Blocks of text are centered with deep indents and rough rags to mirror the chunky edges of the mark.


Identity for translator and travel guide servicing an international clientele. Our goal was to create a mark that reflected personal tastes, cultural background, and personality of the founder while evoking cosmopolitanism and remaining open to interpretation in the process. The identity is built upon a generative 3D mark created by suspending multicolored “petals” in a shallow depth of field. The shapes move in and out of sharp focus, suggesting different states of matter. Taken as a whole, the mark might evoke a globe—a mixture of liquid and solid—especially when revolved along its vertical axis.